Preparing for Writing

The Preparing for Writing programme helps your child develop valuable skills needed before they start school.

The physical requirements for writing are extensive and may surprise you: steady shoulders, movement of the wrist and elbow in just the right way, ability of the eyes to track the hand as it moves across the page, letter and word formation and recognition by the brain. These may be things we tend to take for granted, but for a child, writing is a physically and mentally demanding task and when the physical strength is not there, it can be exhausting.

When the brain and eyes work together, the eyes track the hand in order to develop hand/eye coordination. This, in turn, leads to the ability to copy, trace and draw. In addition, both sides of the brain are required to work together, to allow the child to use both hands or both arms at the same time to complete an activity. This is known as bilateral coordination.</p>

Another important element of bilateral coordination is learning to reach with one hand across to the opposite side of the body. This is called crossing the mid-line, an imaginary line that runs vertically down the middle of your body. Being able to reach the right hand over to the left side and vice versa shows both sides of the brain are working together.

The Preparing for Writing programme is designed to put into motion all the skills needed before a child can even put pen to paper. This includes refining the fine motor skills, as well as strengthening the core and so the sessions will involve lots of practical activities to take all of these things into account.