UPDATE: The summer holiday workshops are now finished. Please check back for details of future holiday workshops, or see below about organising your own bespoke group

Creative writing examine prep for Year 5’s

These workshops focus on the 11+ and year 7 school entrance exams. We work on strategies for choosing essay topics, finding ideas and planning to aid preparation for the creative writing element of these examinations.

Book your own session.

For a minimum of four children and maximum of eight, I am happy to organise a private session for you.

These workshops last 2 hours and cost £16 per child (this includes a drink and snack, plus all equipment required).

Send an enquiry:

The Storymakers club offers various holiday workshops.

Join me on my summer holiday creative writing bootcamp.

Every day, from 13th-17th August, I’ll be hosting a workshop from 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Each workshop is a standalone session, so you can pick and choose which one you come to.

The workshops cost £25 per child and can be booked individually below.

Where do story ideas come from?

In this workshop, we look at how to find story ideas from the everyday. This is a practical workshop, aimed at exercising the senses, so they can hone in to what is around us. It’s also a great way to improve those descriptive writing skills.

Story Development

What do you do with those story ideas once you find them? In this workshop, we look at story structure, to understand how to turn our own ideas into a story. We also look at the key elements we need to bring the story to life, such as character and setting.

Comic Strip Writing

Can you lay out your ideas, storyboard style and add just the right amount of text to make an interesting story? Some practical skills required, but your artistic talents need not extend beyond stick men. Comic strip writing is all about the dialogue and not forgetting the all-important use of onomatopoeia – Kapow! Boom!

Script Writing

We’ll be working with an extract of text to turn it into a script and in so doing, learning how the two differ, how to create scenes, action and show emotion, as well as how to use dialogue in your writing.

Spy School

Learn how to become a secret agent and solve your very own mysteries. We’ll be creating clues, finding suspects and motives and putting them together to form the ultimate mystery stories.