Based in Sevenoaks, Kent, Storymakers is a creative writing club for children aged 7+ years.

Whether you want to work on your story-writing technique, or learn about different styles of writing, the Storymakers club has something to suit everyone.

Working in groups of eight (maximum), we offer the opportunity for children to gain confidence in their writing in a fun environment, where imagination and creativity are encouraged.

About the Founder

Books by Nikki Young - Storymakers Creative Writing Club Founder

Hi, I’m Nikki Young, author of ‘The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants’ and ‘Time School: We Will Remember Them’. I bring to Storymakers, my experience as a writer, along with an enthusiasm for stories. Not only that, I have reluctant readers and writers of my own.

As someone who loves stories, and has always been an avid reader, I couldn’t understand why my own children didn’t share my passion. Although they may know all the grammar terms, somehow it’s got to the stage where children seem reluctant to write. It’s almost as if they are afraid to get it wrong.

I wanted to create a space where children can feel safe to write and perhaps overcome the barrier that prevents them from translating those awesome imaginations into words. And so the Storymakers Creative Writing Club was born.

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