English lessons for
Non-native English speakers

Are you looking for English lessons to help you improve your understanding and use of the English language?

I understand that learning English as a second language is a very different process to learning your native one. We absorb so much of our mother tongue before we can even communicate – just think how much babies can understand. By the time we begin learning to write, we already know how to speak pretty fluently, the nuances of communication are there, even if our understanding of the language still has some way to go.

Learning English as a second language is an exciting prospect. You may think it’s necessary in order to get on in the world. You may simply want to learn English because you love the language and want to broaden your horizons. Wherever you are on your language learning journey, I can help you.

I am a certified EFL teacher and I combine this with my experience tutoring native English speakers and my writing experience to bring to you a wealth of knowledge of the English language.

I’m a passionate writer and story teller and I want to help you.

Young person or adult, beginner or improver, you can book 1:1 English lessons with me either in person (if you live near enough) or online. I offer sessions of 45-minutes or one hour. Online sessions are conducted over Zoom. 

Contact me if you’d like to discuss in more detail the type of English lessons that would best suit you.

If you’re a native English speaker looking for English tuition for your child, please see the Bespoke Sessions page for more details.

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