Creative writing Classes for children

The Storymakers Club Offers Various Creative Writing Classes For Children.

The Creative Writing Club Covers KS2 And Youth Writers Up To The Age Of 14.

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Here’s a rundown of the creative writing classes for children at the Storymakers Club. The classes run during term time, but look out for the creative writing classes on offer over the summer.

When Time Who’s it for?
Wednesday Creative Writing Classes    
Wednesday Writing Club 6-7 p.m. 7+ years
Saturday Creative Writing Classes    
Writer Buds 3.45-4.45 p.m. 9-10 years
Young Writers 5-6 p.m. 11+ years

To optimise your child’s learning, in association with the National Curriculum, or purely to instill a love of writing, a creative writing class is a fantastic addition to their out-of-school activities. Regular writing practice encourages creativity. In addition, it builds on and reinforces current skills and learning.

At the Storymakers Writing Club, we cover all types and styles of writing from story writing and planning to descriptive writing, scripts, balanced arguments and persuasive pieces, recounts and more. This provides a foundation for the transactional writing element of the English Language GCSE syllabus.

The creative writing classes at Storymakers are split into three groups.

The Wednesday Writing Club welcomes younger writers from aged 7 years. At this group, we focus on idea creation, the very basis of writing. Using various prompts, the children are encouraged to use their imagination to come up with ideas that they are free to write about in a way that makes sense to them. Also at this group, we look at use of techniques for imagery and continuation pieces.

The Writer Buds Group welcomes children aged 9-10 years. Here, we spend longer analysing and writing in a particular style. Along with the use of examples, and expert guidance, each week, we focus on a different style of writing. Ideal for children who will be sitting school entrance exams in Year Six (though not exclusive), this group is of benefit to all those wishing to improve their writing ability.

Beyond Year 6, is the youth creative writing group, the Young Writers. In this group, the children we encourage to build upon their skills as a writer, tackling more challenging exercises. The Young Writers group will get them thinking beyond the obvious.

Who should attend a group?

Whether your child wants to learn how to plan and write stories, improve their creative writing skills, build on their knowledge and understanding of words and texts, or simply to enjoy the freedom creative writing brings, all are welcome. There is something for everyone at the Storymakers Club.

To encourage participation and enable a rapport to develop between participants, we keep the groups deliberately small (up to 9). We discuss, we share ideas, we share our work and we are present as a group. Together. Ultimately, this is important that the children have their screens on so they are fully with us. These are not just virtual lessons that you can participate in anonymously and from a distance. Being a member of the Storymakers Writing Club is about being part of a group, about belonging. It’s something special and unique.

Take a look at what’s on offer during the school holidays.

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