This summer, I will be running one week of workshops for 7-10 year-olds and in addition, a week of English Revision for Year 5’s. Please see below for details and booking.

Join me on my summer holiday creative writing bootcamp for 7-10’s.

Each workshop is a standalone session, so you can pick and choose which one you come to.

The workshops cost £25 per child and can be booked individually.

Book Trailer Workshop

Write a convincing blurb for your favourite story or a new one of your making, and we’ll turn it into a trailer. Like a film trailer, book trailers are designed to be a teaser of the story, with just enough information to pique interest, but not too much as to give away the plot! For this workshop, you will need an iPad and have the Animoto App downloaded.

Illustrated Story Book


Taking inspiration from the late, great, Judith Kerr, we will create our very own short stories, adding illustrations and a cover for a complete mini-book.

Comic Strip Writing

Can you lay out your ideas, storyboard style and add just the right amount of text to make an interesting story? Some practical skills required, but your artistic talents need not extend beyond stick men. Comic strip writing is all about the dialogue and not forgetting the all-important use of onomatopoeia – Kapow! Boom!

Video Scripts

Stories are everywhere, whether it’s an advert to help sell a product, a newsreel or even a recipe show. We’ll be scripting our own stories and bringing them to life on film. No acting skills required, but you will need an iPad and the iMovie app.

Spy School


Learn how to become a secret agent and solve your very own mysteries. We’ll be creating clues, finding suspects and motives and putting them together to form the ultimate mystery stories.


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English Revision Workshops for Year 5’s

For those with the 11+ or Common Entrance Exams hanging over their heads this summer, we’ll work through each aspect of the English and verbal reasoning papers to help with last-minute revision or to keep everything ticking over and fresh in the mind.


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