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by | Sep 25, 2023

Do you have a teen or tween who loves writing?

The Young Writers Club is a writing club aimed at children aged 11 years and above. This relaxed, grown-up style writing group brings together like-minded souls who want to foster their love of creative writing in a non-school environment.

Author-led, this group stimulates creativity through writing exercises designed to be both challenging and fun.

What are the benefits of joining a writing club?

  • Writing doesn’t have to be lonely. Sharing your love of writing with others can be hugely rewarding and motivating.
  • Writing gives you a voice. When the world around you seems to be full of noise, it can be difficult to be heard. Writing helps you find your voice and has been shown to be hugely beneficial for mental health.
  • Finding your tribe. Being with other like-minded souls can strengthen your love of writing. In a group of people who ‘get it’, you are free to be your true self.
  • Inspired by others. Peer-group learning is an excellent way to improve your own writing.
  • Time for you. For one hour a week, you get to absorb yourself in something creative and forget about everything else that is going on in the world. 
  • Fostering creativity. The more you write, the more creative you become. It opens your mind to all things creative, not just writing based.
  • Learn new skills. At a writing group, you might try exercises and techniques that are new to you and that you wouldn’t have tried if you were on your own. It broadens your writing horizons.

Young Writers is an online writing club. Is this a problem?

The answer is ‘no’. That is because most tweens and teens are more than comfortable in an online environment. In fact, many are more comfortable being online than they would be if they were in the same room (think: awkward teen phase). The Young Writers group is a sociable environment where the children not only communicate orally but via the group chat as well. It is a very natural thing for them to do.

A creative writing group is about more than education

Of course being in a writing group where you spend an hour every week learning new skills and practicing what you know is going to have benefits when it comes to education. There is a creative writing element of the GCSE syllabus, often a piece of course work, therefore, focusing on your creative writing skills every week is going to have huge benefits when it comes to that. However, there is so much more to it than that.

  • As human beings, we are designed to want to be creative.
  • Finding time for creativity can add so much more to your life.
  • Being creative can help with problem solving – not just academically but in general. 

The Young Writers runs every Saturday during term time, 5-6 p.m. (GMT). We welcome people from all over the UK and the world. Book a trial session before committing to the term or if you want to know more, email Nikki Young at storymakers@nikkiyoung.co.uk.


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