Recommended Lockdown Reads

The children at Storymakers have told me they’ve been reading more during lockdown and that their choice of book has differed due to having the freedom to choose. They also said they’ve enjoyed having more time to read, which is great news isn’t it? Here is a selection of books they’ve read and recommend. Slime […]

How to make a story out of idioms

Idioms are common sayings used in the English language. They don’t have a literal meaning, so can be difficult to understand. You might hear your grandparents use them – they’re quite old-fashioned – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what they are and what they mean! Let’s look at an example. Someone may say, […]

Danse Macabre Writing Ideas

How honing your listening skills can benefit your writing. Writing is more than just what we see, but we often ignore our other senses because we default to our most dominant sense. Now, that’s not true for everyone, but it includes the majority of us. At Storymakers, we’ve done exercises that hone in on the […]