Creative writing Club
in Kent

Does your child enjoy writing? Do you have a child who is reluctant to write?

Serving children since 2017, the Storymakers Creative Writing Club in Kent welcomes all.

Nurturing a love of creative writing

Creative writing can not only benefit a child academically but also mentally. According to the National Literacy Trust, there is a positive link between literacy engagement and mental wellbeing.

Writing is a method of communication that can be of extreme importance when someone feels they are not being heard. Many people turn to writing for its cathartic nature, being able to express their thoughts and feelings in a way that they might not be able to do orally.

Giving children the skills to articulate their thoughts and feelings through words is a gift.

The Storymakers Creative Writing Club in Kent offers weekly group lessons during term time on a Wednesday evening and on Saturday afternoons.

Creative writing and the Kent Test

Many children in Kent sit the 11+ Kent Test or other Independent School entrance examinations. Creative writing is an important element of these exams.

Being part of a regular creative writing group with Storymakers can help children get into the habit of coming up with ideas for stories. It’s like exercise – the more you practice, the better at it you will become, and it’s no different for the creative brain.

In an exam situation, children need to be able to quickly come up with an idea, plan out a story and then write it. Under those tense conditions, having the skills to think about the story-writing task and put the idea into words does not always come easy.

At Storymakers, I work with children on an individual basis and in small groups to help them prepare for the creative writing element of the Kent Test, Sevenoaks School 11+ entrance exam and others. You can book bespoke sessions with me for an individual or up to four children working together. For larger groups, please contact me to arrange.

Why Choose Storymakers?

If you’re looking for a creative writing club in Kent then look no further than Storymakers.

Established in 2017, Storymakers has been helping children nurture a love of writing by providing weekly groups during term time, holiday workshops and individual English and writing tuition.

I’m Nikki Young and I am a children’s author and writer. As such, I endeavour to pass on my love of stories along with my writing knowledge to children, sharing my enthusiasm for writing to help kids believe in their abilties.

It is important we encourage creativity in all its forms. When you partake in a creative activity regularly, it helps you become a better problem solver in all areas of your life and work. Instead of coming from a linear, logical approach, your creative side can help you assess a situation from all angles.

I’ve been through both the Kent Test and Independent School examinations in Kent through my three children, so as a parent, I understand how stressful this preparation time can be. Equally, I’ve helped many children hone their English and writing skills for these tests so I have experience from both sides.