Creative writing inspired by board games

by | Feb 27, 2020

On a rainy day there is nothing better than to wipe the dust off a few board games and start playing them.

However, what if you could incorporate these exciting games into your writing?

Creative writing inspired by board games - Storymakers

That’s just what one of our Young Writers did and here she is to explain for herself just what that means…

I first got the idea when I read the story, ‘Death by Scrabble’ by Charlie Fish. This hilarious, but dark, story is based on the game, Scrabble and is one of my favourites.

What am I on about? Well, all you have to do is think about your favourite board or card game and write a story about either someone playing that game, OR, you could add a twist, such as like Charlie Fish’s story.

You could also write about someone who has fallen into a game! (like Jumanji).

I had a go at this and it was actually really fun. It certainly got me writing and I based my story on the game, Operation. Here it is:

Mike lowers his tweezers into the ankle. I hold my breath. He slowly takes the broken bone out. I release my breath with a frustrated hiss as Mike sighs with relief and drops the bone into his pile. He leans back on his chair, satisfied. With his hard stare bearing down on me, beads of sweat start to form on my forehead and slowly roll down my face. I reach into the incision in the brain and try to take the ice cream out. Suddenly I shudder, the pressure getting to me, and my tweezers hit the boundary. An electric shock shoots up my arm. Slamming the tweezers down onto the table, I put my head in my hands, angry that I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t save his life. He was going to have to have that brain freeze forever now and it was all my fault.

I look up at Mike. His side of the table laden with the wish bone, Adam’s Apple, butterfly, water bucket and pencil. And I look down in front of me, a mere broken heart and a bread basket. Mike grunts with happiness. I cannot take it anymore. I grab the body and whack Mike on the head with it. He falls to the ground. I laugh as I take all of the pieces from his side and add it to my collection. The broken heart and bread basket does not look so lonely anymore.

So yeah! I hope you liked that. As you can tell you can get pretty creative with this piece. Have fun.

Do you fancy having a go at this creative writing exercise? Let us know if you do.


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